Mini Fitness Ball | Core and Toning




If you are still using situps as your “go-to” for a strong, toned core, it is time for a tune-up.

Sit-ups are not only outdated but not nearly effective as what you can do with our mini ball.

With sit-ups, you can only work with flexion.

But your core works hardest and you get the most from core exercises when you go into extension. And you can’t extend yourself into the floor.

With a mini fitness ball, you can trigger a deeper core activation when you extend back. And you can only do that when you lift yourself up off the floor.

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Mini Fitness Ball | Core and Toning

The perfect Trucker Fitness Exercise Tool


  • HIGH-QUALITY small exercise balance ball. The Mother Trucker Yoga mini core exercise ball is intended for core strength, balance, back rehabilitation, and toning and sculpting with Pilates, Yoga, or other fitness exercises on and off the truck.
  • INCLUDES ACCESS TO EXERCISES. Anti-burst balls do not include a valve but rather have a plug to withstand high pressure. This requires a straw for inflation and also allows for easy deflation for easy travel.
  • SOFT LOW-ODOR NON-SLIP PVC MATERIAL free of the six common harmful phthalates: DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DIDP, and DNOP.
  • RECOMMENDED BY TRAINERS AND PHYSICAL THERAPISTS and Mother Trucker Yoga approved. Exercise balls are perfect tools to increase balance core strength, tone the inner thighs, and flexibility. The inflatable compact overall is perfect for men or women with hip, knee, or sciatica issues and is perfect for exercises on the sleeper of your truck or outside on a yoga mat.
  • MINUTES A DAY. Workouts with this ball take just minutes a day. Work smarter, not harder. Hope’s moves can be made in as little as 5 to 10 minutes a day for you to see results!
  • THIS IS NOT A DOG TOY. We stand behind our products. However, this ball is not intended to be left around pets and should not be used as a dog toy. If an animal would get a hold of this fitness tool, it may pop.

The secret to great results Hope Zvara’s functional core-based approach to fitness … Hope Zvara is a 20-year yoga and fitness veteran, a Bender Ball Master Trainer, certified Pilates teacher, and teacher to the teachers when it comes to functional movement, core-based exercises, and yoga. Hope developed her own methodology called Core Functional Fitness, where she teaches students how the core is central to everything you do.

Each of Hope’s core torching moves puts you in the perfect position for instant results you can see and feel. Using Mother Trucker Yoga’s mini ball with its unique anti-burst material makes it easy for all body types to join the movement.

Other trucker trainers teach moves they memorized from training or book. With Mother Trucker Yoga and Hope Zvara, you get an understanding, a focus on safety- and security you know you are doing things right the first time.

Where most exercises focus on merely strength, hyper flexibility, or speed, this is different!

Combining years of training herself to create the Core Functional Fitness method, this approach revolves around perfecting: 

  • Stabilization
  • Control 
  • Mobility

In this approach, you can more effectively reach and tone your lower abs, obliques, and back!

Exercises you do with the mini ball and moves Hope has learned directly from Leslee Bender herself and then improved these exercises from training with the Gray’s Institute, Anatomy Trains Thomas Meyer’s, and functional fitness experts like Katy Bowman. This means you get the exercise for times* as effective as regular crunches, which’s 408% more effective than your traditional ab exercises most trainers try to teach. And moves that improve your everyday life. What good are abs if you can’t move and use them in your everyday life?


Legal Disclaimer

Keep sharp objects away from the exercise ball. Do not use the ball if it appears damaged. A mixture of mild soap and water can be used to remove dirt. We consciously chose low-odor, non-phthalate materials that are safer to us humans than many of the balls out there. Don’t leave on finished wood products for the first few weeks of use as the new material can interact with some varnishes or paints.

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