More Mobility Yoga 20 Minute Workout Video



Trucker Workout for More Mobility Yoga 20 Minute Workout Video Download

Are you a:

  • Trucker?
  • Driver?
  • Commuter?
  • RV Driver?

This trucker fitness for more mobility digital video download is for you!

Melt sore, stiff muscles, breathe better, and improve your flexibility in 20 mins with this yoga practice designed for travelers and truck drivers just like you. You’ll move through gentle warm-up then a full head to toe movement sequence. Most yoga videos focus only on long deep stretches to increase flexibility. But Mother Trucker Yoga believes that functionality is KEY to a healthier and happier you.

This video will move through dynamic movements (repetition) to help improve joint function and muscle tone. And at the same time stretch those sore tight areas that are just a pain in your a$$.